So I’ve been working on a crest for my fashion brand. Things are coming along slowly but there is movement at least. Enjoy




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There are many ways to wear pants with your shoes. Preparation should be done with a purpose. Pants is the best way to work on your height, whether short or tall, there is always a solution. Select wisely! TTG

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How To Design the Perfect Interview Outfit

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The Pinstriped Suit

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Dressing for an interview is a crucial element in winning the job. Although it has been said that it’s the man (or women) not the suit that matters, the reality is that first impressions are everything.

So the question is, is it possible to over dress for an interview?

I’ve had the privilege of sitting on both ends of the table and in my opinion, I don’t think it’s possible to over dress.  Although some companies are more casual than others, I think it’s generally understood that interviewees will typically dress with the idea of creating an excellent first impression.

A friend of mine interviewed at a local tech company for a sales position. For the interview, he wore a suit and tie. When he walked into the interview, he found that he was the most dressed up person on the floor. He said that this made the interview a…

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Rabble & Rowser Co – Organic Philosophy

Jolie Pagaille

Rabble and Rowser Co. is a brand spanking new company located in Chicago, IL. Their niche is organic fabric that are made in the USA shirts for men. Now this is a company that we need to see more of! As of right now they are offering two t-shirts, both are at the price of $29.50. What a steal, especially for organic fabric and made in Chicago!

“Rabble and Rowser Co. , launched in 2013, is a Chicago based organic menswear line. It is our goal to provide stylish, high quality men’s clothing, while also being environmentally and socially responsible. Our shirts are constructed from 100% organic fine jersey cotton and printed with the highest quality water based inks for a superior fit and maximum comfort. Our organic menswear is made in the USA by workers who are well compensated and not in a sweatshop overseas. We are the next level…

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