To Markets To Market

So this weekend I meet amazing people, as yesterday was heritage day in our country and it was a public holiday

So when I met these new found friends I started speaking to one of them who actually studies fashion and threw the idea to me of getting my tees at a market. I had thought about it but never really spent time with it. So my next move as from this thursday I’m going to start to mingle and interact with every market I know of in my area.

If you are a market goer please let me know of some local ones and hoping to see you there.


Kjohn Lasoul

Now this is one of the men who actually inspired this blog to begin. His fashion is unique not in a desperate way.

I love his approach on whatever style he embodies. A huge fan of vintage and he always has a vintage piece in the looks that he rocks down the streets.

Enjoy the few images from his website I collected .

Dior demi-mesure

The Dior Homme demi-mesure service features a ready-to-wear suit and shirt models, adapted to the exact measurements of each client by the skilled expertise of a tailor.

The reason why I love Dior is that it makes the type of clothing I like wearing. Clean, simple yet detailed in its own way.
Enjoy these few images from fuckingyoung


So I feel like in fashion we always need the help of bargains to be able to buy more than a single item. I have just the person for you.

Has a blog by the name of Ohsocheap and believe you mean he finds great bargains in retail stores and the items he looks for are in stores that are available in all provinces.

He even recommends staple items from time to time that might cost much but worth being in your closet. I have found a lot of great clothing and like some of the things he has shown so this is a strong recommendation if you are not sure of where to find something

Check it out at

Zara Cape Town

I forgot to inform you on my exploration of the Zara store that opened in cape town last month

I would like to start by saying that I love most of the items there and that they cater for every single man around, the hiker outdoorsy type, the business man, the casual metrosexual, your average jo in the basic jeans and tee.

Been a long while since I walked into a shop and since a vast array of versatility. Not only catering to a one dimensional man. And the price on most the items they have is reasonable not over the top like most international stores launched in S.A. I got myself a little something and I’m going back next month for a messenger bag that I saw.

Happy shopping


Summer in S.A. Is just around the corner so most of us are going to be chilling by the seaside. Soaking up the sun and enjoying an ice cream

Now I’m not against board shorts at the beach but can we differentiate where is what because wearing them where ever we go. They have created other alternatives for us guys in the modern day fashion. We don’t really have to make an effort and there are retailers that aren’t going to ask you an arm and a leg. Let make small changes.


and so begins the series of fashion friends where i share a few basic friends with their basic fashion and what inspires them on the daily when it comes to what they wear


Micheal a drumImageImageImageImageImageImagemer student from university of cape town has the breeze of the life in kzn where everything is laid back and simple, that can also be seen in what he chooses to wear because he feels comfortable and relaxed in it.

hope you enjoy