50 shades of grey

So this book has on me a trend right now. Grey is a favourite colour of mine (or shade for the other people). Its the only colour I have in different shades. I love mixing and matching with it, my first tees that I am just launching are in a grey colour so let’s all get ourselves in 50 or more shades of grey


Personal Style

So from the next following weeks, I will be showing a selection of people and their personal style and what fashion is to them.

Looking forward to also see what they have to offer and will have a brief description of them and their style. Until then, happy fashion shopping and styling

Cameron Van Der Burgh for GQ


Olympic golden boy recently sat down with GQ and this is what HQ had to say about the Olympic champion among few things:

‘He loves music and believes there’s a music for every mood, apart from heavy metal – nothing yet has driven him to that. Style wise he’s a fan of Paul Smith although – given his profession – he doesn’t get the chance to wear a suit all that often, which is why we were only too happy to help him out.’

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Pharrell Williams to launch new line


Pharrell Williams, who is commonly known as Pharrell, is set to debut an additional expansion to his street-savvy Billionaire Boys Club line.
Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club, the new addition to his fashion empire, teams the 39-year-old artist extraordinaire with menswear designer, Mark McNairy on a collection of street-infused pieces.
The line boasts bomber jackets in bright hues, flannel shirts, chinos and jeans. It’s a line rich in urban-themed pieces for the modern man, one that ties in with Pharrell’s design and dress aesthetic.
The media-savvy entrepreneur has a keen sense of style, and his fashion CV is laden with incredible collaborations already.

One of his most publicised collaboration has been with French luxury label, Louis Vuitton on a line of eyewear and jewellery. So coveted, Pharrell also featured in a Louis Vuitton advertising campaign.
Friends with industry heavyweights, including Vogue’s Anna Wintour and music mogul Jay-Z, Pharrell is also admired for his forward-thinking personal style. Known for merging preppy with street, the style-laden man is also a regular at fashion week events in New York, Milan and Paris.
Although his music career is flourishing, Pharrell is far from slowing down on the fashion front.
According to Pharrell, Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club is proudly American – home grown and home manufactured. The New York Times gives it the thumbs up. The collection is set to debut with the winter 2013 line.
Later this year, Pharrell is set to release a book featuring his creative collaborations with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami.
Having launched a company called I Am Other, Pharrell is keen to grow his reach even further. In addition to Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream (the fashion lines he launched in 2003 with Nigo, the Japanese designer behind A Bathing Ape streetwear line), Pharrell is set to expand with a women’s range under the name of Billionaire Girls Club in 2013.

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