Ruald Rheeder

South African designer, Ruald Rheeder is most known for his menswear collections that have been housed in various boutiques, clothing outlets and the Young Designers Emporium. After completing high school he moved to Cape Town to start his studies and career in the fashion industry. After completing his studies he worked for a major fashion chain in the menswear buying department, and moved along to work with other major SA designers.

Ruald started his fashion career designing for various labels and designers and thereafter launched his own signature line, RUALD RHEEDER® that is available exclusively at YDE countrywide. The RUALD RHEEDER® label has gained tremendous success and popularity and has become one of the best selling men’s labels in YDE. Ruald Rheeder currently boasts with custom couture designs for an array of clients, including local celebrities such as Janez Vermeiren, Ewan Strydom, Ryan Sandez, Dieter Voigt and Cameron van den Burgh.

“Fashion has become even more important for men in South Africa and it’s vital to be aware of what is happenning in the fashion industry, not only locally, but on an international level”


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